Paintings: Mixed Subjects

Three of the following pieces where done with what I have coined as “polymer fresco.” this is a spackling compound that I tinted with acrylic colors, then added a liquid polymer medium as a binding compound. It worked out pretty well and I did numerous pieces using this medium. I could even thin it down enough to use with an airbrush.

The Erhu

Oil on linen, 30 x 30 inches (sold)

What’s it all about, anyway?

Abstract Fantasy

Oil on canvas on board, 12 x 16 inches (sold)

Hiding behind the abstract.

Et Cum Spiritu Tuo

Oil on paper on board, 40 x 40 inches. (available)

“And there was evening and there was morning, the sixth day. When in Genesis 1:26 God says “Let us make man.”” And man has created his houses of worship ever since.

Sonia (detail)

Polymer fresco on plaster on paper, 39 x 36 inches (sold)

Beauty is beauty.


Oil on linen on board, 16 x 16 inches (sold)

Nature is beyond glorious!

Sonia II

Polymer fresco on plaster on paper, 39 x 36 inches (sold)


Oil on plaster on board, 20 x 20 inches. (NFS)

I have enjoyed working with wood, so I built this frame to be inseparable from the painting. Such a silly subject seemed to call for a strong architectural environment, thus elevating it to undeserved heights.

Not Available

Girl with Big Eyes

Oil on board, 24 x 18 inches.

I find this woman’s figure strongly reminiscent of the work of Egon Schiele, an Austrian Expressionist painter. A protégé of Gustav Klimt. He died at 20 years old in 1918.

Same Girl with Big Eyes

WIP. Oil on linen on board

Not Available