Photomontage: Lost to Memory

Abandoned rooms and buildings speack with a poignancy that cannot truly be described. Only the arts can approach doing their history justice. Prints ordered from this collection are optionally available as a set.

Candy Counter

When movie theaters were like opera houses. Architecture speaks, but only when it’s given a voice.

Blue Chair

Was this a waiting room?

Baby Grand

Waiting for the next performance.

Upright Piano

Upper east side apartment. The walls do speak.

Victorian Hall

Who sat on the couch? What did they talk about? What were their lives like?

The One Chair Left

Is the stage a dream, a backdrop for another reality?

Naked Visions of an Artist

Our consciousness knows no boundries, neither time, space, or place.


Inspired  by Doctor Faustus, a German novel written by Thomas Mann, and by Composer Thomas Sleeper’s Hetaera esmeralda, 2014, written for Greek pianist/conductor Zoe Zeniodi


Passing from one stage on to another, and hopefully to the light.

Chrysalis and the Sparrow

Birth of Venus