Art and Life Coaching

I am a compulsive teacher. I have tutored people from all areas in life throughout the years, from CEOs to teenagers. Tutoring, art therapy, helping artists to understand their own work and life coaching often run together.

I am a certified in Health and Life coaching from Cornell University; I am part of an effort to develop both a self-help and coaching app. I can help.

Jackson Pollack said: “Technique is the outgrowth of a need.” Willem DeKooning said: “if you accept what you have, you can do wonders with it.” Picasso said: “You’re at the edge of a cliff, don’t be afraid because there’s a rope hanging out there and you will catch it.” Immanuel Kant said: “Our minds create all our experience, including space and time. All you need to do is tell the truth.”

As you can see from my website, I can do many things very well. I have developed the skills to do and go in whatever direction I need. I need to explore all these things, because that is my truth.

You work very hard, so that’s not a problem. You clearly have skills and abilities, but they don’t seem to be working for you. Could it be that the things you’re working on aren’t right for you? Are you following a formula that’s a non-fit? Are you sure you’re on the right path?

You keep very busy but you just never get to things that you really need to do? This is the classic definition of a procrastinator. Could it be that you’re unsure of your purpose in life?

Do you question your real life’s work as an artist? Are you unsure of your true self?

Are you an artist who has just finished a major piece, you’ve worked hard, a cause for celebration. Instead, you feel almost lost, sad, and unsure of what you should do next?

Are your relationships being affected? Are you prone to anger and distrust? Do you rely on drugs, alcohol, sex, intense drama, binge eating, too much time on the internet as escape mechanisms?

Do you need help?