Paintings: Women in Masks

I’m always happy to paint a woman in a mask.

Behind the Black Door

Oil on linen  54 x 40 inches (sold)

This is a commissioned piece. S loved the idea of the secrets hidden behind the black door.

M. in Harlequin Mask

Oil on linen on board  51 x 40  (sold)

M is simultaneously exposed while completely hidden and protected by mask and chair.

E. in Black Feather Mask

Oil on linen  44 1/2 x 44 1/2 inches  (sold)

A mask seems to give the wearer power to see without being seen.

M. in White Mask

Oil on panel  25 x 25 inches  (sold)

Only her jewelry gives us clues to her identity.

P. in Gold Mask

Oil on panel  25 x 25 inches  (sold)

She sees more of us then we of her.