Art as Therapy

Did you know that Art Therapy is a medically recognized form of therapy?

I have worked with clients in Art Therapy for many years.  They come from a variety of backgrounds and needs. Some have decided to take up art as part of their bucket list even though they have never believed that they have the talent. Others have sadly started to experience coginitive decline or early Alzheimers and have decided to explore Art Therapy as a way to slow down and possibly arrest the decline. Art Therapy can be very helpful for patients who have suffered strokes as well.

My goal here is not to inform you on the value of Art Therapy as I have included many links below and videos to the right to further your understanding; rather it is to share with you that I have the experience, teaching expertise, technical ability, and professional coaching certification from Cornell University to make me an ideal Art Therapist.

I am also adept at working with beginners who are new to art. Don’t worry, we won’t be copying Picasso’s or Da Vinci’s (at least not on day 1)! I have been an art professor at Miami-Dade Community College and Florida International University, and an adjunct at the New World School of the Arts. I have helped hundreds of people begin their journey in art.

Trailer and film clips for recommended documentary “I Remember Better When I Paint: Treating Alzheimers Through Creative Arts”, produced by French Connection Films and the Hilgos Foundation. I have no relationship with these organizations or the filmmakers Eric Ellena and Berna Huebner.