Unlike the beginnings of photomontage (pre-WW I-WWII) as a genre where social unrest and social upheaval were the primary characteristics of the early 20th century, our time is characterized by confusion, a search for values, and a search for aesthetics. Truth is a necessary but unpopular commodity. 

Yet it is still necessary for artists today to provide avenues of wonder and amusement, paths that are reminders of our past, and simply art about art.

Fantasy Images for Children

Photomontage allows me to create a wonderland of playmates and animals for children.

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Derelict and Abandoned

These images focus on the abondoned, the derelict, and the human journey that led to these architectural wastelands. The woman as the source becomes all humanity.

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Varied Imagery and Themes

Photomontage is like a virtual montage that can be made real on paper or canvas.

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Photomontage and the Gallery Series Paintings

All the paintings that continue to comprise the series are initially designed as a photomontage. As such, are available as prints or high res downloads.

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